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Oct 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022


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We are proud and happy to welcome you into our We Can Team For Creation And Innovation education world, We'll add new ideas and lessons here each week for you to guide them through the Community needs.  Chess is a wonderful game that can teach how to think strategically, analyze situations, develop the mind, and help strengthen memory and make sound decisions. What We'll Cover You : We'll dive deep into the principles of math & chess and share how you can map this framework to the features you have here on We Can Team.  Our goal is to make you take their brands, course, ideas, or goals and translate them into a thriving community—one that’s relentlessly creative, productive, evolving and surfaces all the right kinds of joy and surprises for both family and you. Let's Do It We Can member : * The best, most specific "Big Purpose" to support your community and provide them with a high-quality EdTech * A lot of monthly challenges and program ideas, for you, so you can create the best family moment ever. The creation & innovation ways to run live events and the different types of live events you can easily create on your own with family enjoy. * Make you live the experience of since and technology with our programs. * The most creative, activities and entertainment for you to use in your community * Promotes brain development * Raise your IQ * Helps protect against Alzheimer's disease * Ignite the creativity and enthusiasm of the play Instructor: Reham Qteshat



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Math & Chess

Math & Chess

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